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We accept business trip photography (photos and videos) according to your budget.
Please feel free to contact us about the price.

◆ Photography course / seminar ◆

・ For individuals (corresponding to level)

・ For companies (several people or more. Planning according to issues, also supporting material production)

◆ Shooting genre ◆

・ Company (interview, profile, appearance, introspection, equipment

Meeting scenery, working scenes, etc.)

・ Seminars, lectures, events, parties, recitals, concerts

・ Facilities / properties (introspection / appearance / equipment, etc.)

・ Person (profile, publicity material, etc.)

・ School, kindergarten / nursery school (field scenery, athletic meet, entrance / graduation ceremony, etc.)

・ Sports (athletes, spectators, facilities, etc.)

Other than the above, landscapes and individuals (753, shooting during life, etc.), etc.

We undertake various genres.

◆ Work content ◆

・ Photo: Shooting / editing (including correction / processing by Photoshop)

・ Video: Shooting (mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera shooting. 4K shooting is also possible), editing (cut, telop input, exposure / color correction, BGM,

Document creation, etc.)

・ Interview shooting

・ Web consulting

・ Article production / editing

* You can handle the three roles of shooting, interviewing, and writing at once by yourself.

Photographer Yoko Kawakubo

YOKO KAWAKUBO Photographer

Born in Kagoshima prefecture, raised in Saitama prefecture

After graduating from the French Department of the Faculty of Foreign Studies, joined Okura Shoji, a former conglomerate general trading company.

In 1998, after the burst of the bubble, he experienced bankruptcy.

After that, he worked for three major conglomerate general trading companies, Mitsubishi Corporation, US foreign-owned Cargill Japan, French foreign-owned Perno Ricard, general publishing company Sekai Bunka, newspaper company Tokyo Shimbun, and IT companies.

Taking advantage of more than 15 years of experience in photography at work, he became independent in May 2019.

Active in photography and commercial still photography. Recently, he also undertakes video shooting and editing.

In private, "moist luster" that light and shadow weave

Being aware of the concept of adult femininity,

Shoots all genres such as landscapes, architecture, people, food, flowers, animals, and sports.

In particular, the night view is well-established as "Night Blue World" and "Urban Night Ocean".

The theory of shooting is "a moment, a lifetime" and "a photo that moves someone's heart by taking a picture with their heart".

And the motto is "light, easy, smart"

A place where one woman can go with peace of mind even at night
Even single-lens reflex cameras and mirrorless cameras, which are often thought to have a high threshold, can be easily used.

Whether it's an entry model or a beginner, it's beautiful and I try to copy it.

Put a camera in your commuting bag,

We advocate a photo life that you can enjoy as a part of your daily life.

◆ Photo contest prize history ◆

Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association 8th Garden Award

Chiyoda Ward Tourism Association 1st Charm Discovery Award

Recruit Sumai Company Ltd. SUUMO

Hankyu Travel International Co., Ltd., Tokyo Station 100th Anniversary Commemoration, etc.

◆ Affiliation ◆

World Photography Organization

Japan Society for Photographic Arts (JSAHP)

Fujifilm Professional (FPS)

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